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wow, what a puzzle! please make imbue 2, i would definitely play it :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I'm proud of this game and it's twists and learned a lot about PuzzleScript while making it. I don't know that I'll make a sequel (maybe a level pack?), but I'll definitely be making more PuzzleScript games in the future.

You (and anyone) are welcome to crack open the source code and make/share levels if you have ideas you'd like to explore.

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wait, there's a source code? nice! i'll go explore more, and hopefully get better at puzzlescript coding by looking at your code. maybe for imbue 2 you could expand on the lore? (although i care about the puzzles more haha)

edit: oh wow, you actually coded all possibilities of crates. i thought there was something smarter that you used (i thought you added a new collision layer for the second crate property). i like that you showed your scrapped levels!

When I started creating this, I tried to go that "something smarter" route, but I quickly found that I needed more specific implementations of crate types to allow for chained behaviors. 

Ah, so that's why.


Nice Game! 4/5 ★

It would lack background music.


Well, I accidently skipped a few levels.  I then went through the whole game a second time.  I think there was only 3 or 4 levels that I couldn't figure out.  The last level, I was able to get the enlightenment cube up and out from the bottom, but couldn't figure out how to get it over to the spot to make it merge with me.  I'm assuming that's what is done.  

You're on the right track.


This game is imbued with awesome cleverness.  Great job!  Hope you make many more games!

Thank you! Can I ask how far you've gotten?